The Full HD BenQ W1350 offers the perfect solution for movie-lovers seeking a temporary home cinema setup, according to a top reviewer.

Michael Passingham at Expert Reviews tried out the latest model from BenQ - a projector designed to offer a portable and practical solution for those without a permanent screen or projector mount.

He found that thanks to the small 330x120x247mm chassis and a 3.7kg weight, the projector could easily be set up and stored away, regardless of how big the space is.

The reviewer also found that the W1350's "practicality more than matches its portability" as a result of its impressive throw ratio. At 1.39-2.09, the projector creates a 65-inch image from just two metres away. In addition, a generous amount of vertical lens shift and 30 degrees of horizontal and keystone adjustment allows the user to place the projector at any angle and still get a straight picture.

As well as being portable and practical, the W1350 offers impressive image quality. In his review, Michael Passingham writes: "The default colour mode is so good, in fact, there's very little reason for anybody but the most hardcore home cinema enthusiasts to delve into the picture adjustment menus."

However, if users feel the need to alter the colour settings there's the option to adjust the hue, grain and saturation settings for red, blue, green, cyan, magenta and yellow colours.