Leading projector chip technology company, Texas Instruments (TI), has launched new developments in its market-leading DLP Pico projector technology at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

TI has announced groundbreaking, smaller pixel architecture, called Tilt & Roll Pixel (TRP), which will allow projector developers to provide robust big picture display capabilities to an even more diverse range of devices than ever before.

TRP will allow for up to 30 per cent higher brightness in projectors, 50 per cent less power consumption and double the resolution that can currently be offered from chips of the same size.

Frank Moizio, the Business Unit Manager for DLP Pico, said that the chip will provide significant performance benefits for projectors in devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras/camcorders and eyewear.

“DLP Pico technology creates the largest images from the smallest devices, thus enabling users to unleash the power of their digital content, and share it in collaborative, real-world settings,” he said. “Our new pixel architecture enables manufacturers to extend the reach of pico technology to new, smaller devices and new applications, with brighter images and higher efficiency.”

Chips for TI are currently used by many of the world’s leading projector manufacturers.