A new survey has found that interactive classroom technology – such as interactive whiteboards and projectors – are high priorities of many British secondary school teachers.

The research, carried out by consumer electronics leader, Epson, asked 100 senior school teachers across the UK what pieces of technology they would like to see installed in their classrooms.

Around 70 per cent said they wanted computers, laptops or tablets, while 50 per cent said they wanted interactive whiteboards and 34 per cent said they would like to be able to use interactive projectors.

The demand for technology, however, has come at a time when the budgets for such items in schools’ ICT departments are more pushed than ever. During the last twelve months, Epson found that only five per cent of schools had invested in new projectors, 10 per cent had bought computers and 17 per cent had bought interactive whiteboards.

Epson’s Graeme Davidson, said that there was a clear disparity between what the teachers consider to be teaching priorities and what ICT department heads consider to be investment priorities.

“It’s no surprise that teachers want to use technology that allows pupils to be much more involved in the lesson,” he said. “Rather than static images and books, computers and interactive projectors allow education to come to life and dramatically improve the learning experience.”