Taking a closer look at ultra short throw projectors Taking a closer look at ultra short throw projectors

In an ideal world, home cinema and education projectors would always be positioned like traditional theatre projectors, offering a classic approach to top-end viewing. However, not all homes or classrooms have enough space for such luxuries, and this is where short and ultra short throw projectors come in.

There was a time when even the latest ultra short throw projectors would leave images distorted or lacking in focus, making it difficult for users to achieve the experience offered by same technology on traditionally designed projectors.

Thankfully, advances in this particular market have now made it possible for teachers, home cinema enthusiasts and gaming fanatics to experience the best of the latest projection technology in a fraction of the space required by traditional projectors. ProjectorPoint has created a list of some of the best ultra short throw projectors around to help you find the right device for your limited space.


Despite possessing some of the most advanced systems in the industry, ultra short throw projectors are available for users of any budget, starting from less than £500. The BenQ MX842UST is one such projector, providing all the benefits of ultra short throw for a fraction of the price of some of its competitors.

The MX842UST provides 3,000 lumens of brightness and XGA native resolution, creating clear and detailed images that are ideal for a classroom environment. This advanced device also contains Eco Blank Mode, which allows teachers to blank out the images when they need to direct attention elsewhere.

Epson EB-580

Available for £912, the Epson EB-580 is a bright projector with 3,200 lumens, XGA native resolution and a range of advanced connectivity options, making it suitable for almost any environment. This advanced ultra short throw option even offers wireless capability, so content can be easily projected via a range of devices using the corresponding app.

Also aimed at a classroom setting, the projector features PC-free annotation mode, so teachers and students can interact with the images without the need for additional devices.

Optoma EH320UST

For just £1461,60, the Optoma EH320UST boasts an increased brightness of 4,000 lumens, as well as Full HD resolution. This impressive device is a top staff pick at ProjectorPoint, offering a flawless image of over 100 inches from just 55cm away.

Ideal for a range of settings, including education, business and even the home, this projector has the capability to display 3D content from almost any source, including 3D Blu-ray players and the latest generation games consoles.


The top end of the ultra short throw spectrum is the Sony LSPX-W1S, which offers 4K resolution images that are ideal for creating an impressive home cinema experience without the need for the metres of space required for most 4K devices.

Combined with a passive 2-way speaker system, this ideal addition to the home theatre environment even features cabinet units to store additional Blu-ray players or gaming devices, for a fully inclusive system.