A tablet is being developed which will feature an integrated projector in its tiny body.

NionCom’s MemoryKick Vision tablet is equipped with a PicoP projector, which can display an image of up to 100 inches in size. Considering the actual tablet’s 4.3-inch screen size, this could well prove useful for people looking for portability as well as the option to share videos and documents.

The tablet’s 500GB or 1TB storage options will allow users to carry plenty of data with them, again improving the portability of the device. In terms of connectivity, you have the option of HDMI in and out, a USB port, support for an SD card and WiFi and Bluetooth.

The tablet will run an Android operating system - the 2.2 Froyo edition. This means that, in addition to a capable projector, consumers can access the Android Market and download all of their favourite apps.

It is thought that the projector will prove popular in classrooms and meetings. However, considering its large hard disk, individual users might also find it useful as a media player for viewing videos in groups with friends should they need find themselves out and about.