Efforts to keep shrinking the size of pico projectors have taken another important step, with the successful development of a new micro display controller.

Syndiant, the leading high-resolution microdisplay developer, has launched the SYA1022 display controller ASIC. It is compatible with many of the industry-leading pico projectors that use the company's patented Vue8 LCOS display panels.

The company, which claims to be able to provide a large screen experience in handheld electronics, says the new controller offers improved power efficiency and increased functionality – all in a tiny 9 by 9 millimetre package. Syndiant chief executive, Mark Harward, said the new system in the controller allowed for significant energy and production cost savings.

"Including the frame buffer digital memory with the new controller ASIC provides big savings in cost and footprint as it eliminates the need for external digital memory and also reduces power consumption," he said.

The company is marketing the SYA1022 as an ideal option for embedding projectors into mobile and handheld devices such as mobile phones and laptops. It enables integration into a wide array of pico projection systems due to its high level of programmability and interface flexibility in a small package.

The model is currently available in engineering samples, with production quantities being made available by September 2010.