The Sydney Opera House provided a unique projection screen for a range of visual feats over the last few weeks as part of the Vivid Festival – culminating in the projection of a Dr Who 50th anniversary show onto the sails of the global landmark.

The projection of the Dr Who show was masterminded by Sydney company, Spinifex Media, which also oversaw many of the other projections involved in the festival. The company has an impressive pedigree in high-profile projections, having also been responsible for projections involved in the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The Dr Who show incorporated a history of the Time Lord’s adventures, set to millimetre-precise measurements. Spinifex’s head of technology, Hai Tran, said that the work had started with a laser scan of the ‘projection screen’ in order to fit the media to the surface.

He explained that the positioning of the projectors was also an exceptionally precise task, and that the 17 projectors used for this year’s festival were set at a slight angle to the sails of the building, requiring further adaptation of the media.

Tran added that planning and precision were crucial for the success of all parts of the Vivid Festival. He stated: “Film directors can say ‘let’s push this back six months and get it perfect’. It’s hard to say that for the Olympic opening ceremony.”