Audio visual company, projectiondesign, has provided an intricate range of projectors at Switzerland’s Technorama science centre to create a new globe and panoramic canvas projection.

The system has been put in place at the centre, in the town of Winterthur, as part of a display that allows people to become acquainted with natural phenomena in as realistic a setting as possible. The show is called ‘Planet Earth – Cosmic Oasis’ and has combined a curved, panoramic canvas with a projected globe to create a three-dimensional ‘Cosmic Theatre’.

Thomas Hofer, visualisation director of Technorama, said the staff of the centre carried out much of the design and installation of the set-up themselves.

“To completely illuminate the background canvas without the globe casting shadows in front was made possible only by a combination of specific short-throw projector lenses and significant use of lens shift,” he explained.

“Another challenge was to control the presence of unwanted light which might come from any of three sources: the background canvas projection, the globe projection, and the light from outside the Orbitarium. All of these are capable of casting unwanted diffuse light onto the wrong surfaces.”

The display uses two projectiondesign FL32 ReaLED projectors for the globe projection and two edge-blended cineo32 projectors for the panoramic canvas, all running at full 1080p resolution.