'SurroundWeb' 3D browser projector launched by Microsoft

Technology giant Microsoft has announced the next evolution of its ‘augmented reality projector’ concept, IllumiRoom, with the launch of its SurroundWeb 3D web browser project.

The IllumiRoom projector concept, which sees expanding content projected onto living room walls, was first aimed at home cinema users and gamers, and aims to extend game content beyond a television, by enhancing certain game elements. The technology is also able to highlight the edges of games, meaning that players are able to enjoy a far more interactive gaming experience.

Now, Microsoft has revealed its new 3D web browser that can project giant images onto every wall of your room, and promises to be the ‘future of living rooms’.

The SurroundWeb project can produce “immersive multi-display web rooms" at “more than 30 frames per second with up to 25 screens and up to a 1440×720 display”, the Huffington Post reported.

The technology is even able to work around pieces of furniture so that they do not get in the way of the projected images and destroy the illusion of being totally immersed in the viewing experience.

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