The unsightly spectactles that provide the only way of watching 3D movies are in line to be replaced by a significantly more stylish design.

Cineworld cinemas are testing out new glasses in the shape of the high-end Ray-Ban Aviator design. Though not yet available to home cinema viewers, the glasses are being made available to patrons of a handful of Cineworld complexes, with a view to rolling them out throughout the chain.

Visitors to the cinemas in Crawley, Didsbury, Glasgow Renfrew, Milton Keynes, Sheffield and Wandsworth will all have the chance to take in a 3D movie minus the chunky, black, Blues Brother-style standard frames.

The new frames are available both as full frames, costing £13, and as clip-on versions for people who are already wearing glasses, at a cost of £4.

Cineworld's head of marketing and communications, Luke Roberts, said the lenses would offer a little more elegance for those who wanted it.

"We're really excited to be the first cinema chain in the UK to offer our customers a trendy way of enjoying 3D films," he said. "For our more fashion focused customers, we hope that the 3D aviator glasses offer them an on-trend eyewear option at the cinema."