A recent study has found that the use of 3D projector screens within an education environment can benefit pupils' learning.

The study was conducted with the aim of measuring the effect of 3D projector screens within an education setting, as well as the subsequent impact of this form of learning on pupils' attention rates. Results were hugely in favour of projector learning, showing increased attention and level of learning.

An analysis of the results shows that, during a lesson featuring a 3D projector, 92 per cent of pupils remained attentive for the entirety. In comparison, only 42 per cent of the same pupils remained attentive during a standard class.

The study also highlighted the educational benefits of 3D projector use through improved test results. When comparing two pupil samples, the study found that 86 per cent of students improved and advanced their knowledge between their pre-test results and those after a test when learning via a 3D projector. This compares to only a 52 per cent improvement for those learning via more traditional methods.

Overall, pupils test results increased by an average of 17 per cent in lessons featuring 3D projector teaching, highlighting the potential benefits of 3D projector use within an education setting.