British studio design and acoustics company, White Mark Ltd, has completed an 18-month project to create two new screening theatres for NBC Universal at the company’s new international headquarters in London.

The media giant needed to create two new preview theatres – complete with cinema-quality projection equipment – when it moved into its new offices in the Central St Giles office development.

The two theatres have been specifically tailored to suit different needs, with one offering 64 seats in a double-height screening room, occupying part of the ground floor, and the other smaller theatre providing 18 seats for smaller, more intimate viewings on the first floor of the offices.

The managing director of White Mark, David Bell said that the construction of the theatres was very challenging due to the light-weight construction of the state-of-the-art offices and the need to make each theatre thoroughly sound-proof.

“To achieve satisfactory weight distribution, we built each theatre within its own steel isolation shell and placed these on top of each other to effectively create a theatre stack,” he explained. “As sonic excellence was an important part of our design brief, we paid careful attention to the room acoustics to make sure these theatres were as accurate as the professional film dubbing rooms in which soundtracks are mixed.”