While much attention has been focused on Epson’s exceptional new ‘Reflective LCD’ projectors, the leading projector brand has still been producing exemplary new additions to its standard LCD projector range, as evidenced in the distinctly affordable EH-TW3600.

The projector hosts a number of eye-catching specifications, not least its impressive 2,000 lumens of brightness, which immediately raises the bar for expectations and potential performance.

The high brightness means that the projector can be used in ambient light, which is likely to raise its popularity among casual projector users, wanting one only for the odd movie screening or sports event.

As well as being affordable and particularly bright, the TW3600 also manages to provide a contrast ratio of up to 50,000:1, leaving users with the confidence that they will be able to have a decent black level response with excellent contrasts

The auto iris system works with the contrast ratio, and can be switched between normal a high speed modes, to automatically adjust the amount of light emerging from the lens. The automatic function can also be turned off for manual adjustment.

The lamp can be run in normal or low power modes. The projector also has a series of Kelvin-based colour temperature settings, a gamma adjustment, options to adjust the offset and gain the red, green and blue colour elements, and a colour management facility allowing you to tweak hues, saturation and brightness.