A new document has been released by the Society for Information Display (SID) that outlines proposed new standardised measurement methodologies for displays, including projectors, that will set a new colour performance standard for the industry.

The International Display Measurement Standard (IDMS) document was put together to examine the scientific validity of a colour performance standard, and has determined that it will be invaluable to allow consumers to evaluate colour performance when buying a projector.

Tanya Lippke, from the research and publishing firm, TFCinfor, which aided with the compilation of the report, said that colour quality is consistently one of the most important factors considered when making a purchase – yet there has been no standard measurement of it.

“We have been tracking end-user purchase criteria in the projector market for the last ten years,” she said. “In all market segments, from large corporations to education, image quality has consistently been the most important factor in selecting a projector.”

The proposed new colour performance metric would stand alongside existing standardised measurements, such as the brightness, resolution and contrast ratio. The proposals for the system have been welcome by projector experts, including Art Feierman, the president of ProjectorReviews.com.

Feierman said, “Many projectors produce a hefty amount of white lumens, but come up very short when trying to produce rich, accurate colours.”