Spanish cinema chooses new Sony 4K SRX-R515P to stream movies
A cinema chain in Spain has chosen Sony for its new projectors at six of its nine cinemas. Aqualon Cinemas in Huelva will use the new Sony 4K SRX-R515P.

The deal, which was completed between Sony Digital Cinema 4K’s Managed Services and Aqualon Cinemas, will allow Sony to offer assistance and technical support to its other 2K DLP projectors. The SRX-R515 offers true 4K quality and comes with a vastly improved SXRD optical engine compared to previous models. In addition, it allows for up to 15,000 in lumens brightness.

The high contrast ratio and the High Frame Rate (HFR) capabilities that the projectors offer is also a benefit for movie theatres and are capable of delivering at either 48 or 60 frames per second. It is also capable of producing images in 2D and 3D and allows for the content to be streamed and managed effectively.

Each projector also features Sony’s HPM (High Pressure Mercury) technology which features a multi-lamp array. This means that each lamp comes with its own protective cartridge.

In a statement, Enrico Ferrari, regional head of Central Eastern and Southern Europe for Sony Digital Cinema 4K, said: “4K delivers four times more detail than ordinary HD, and with more and more movies being shot, distributed and projected in stunning 4K, cinema owners need to match the ambition of content creators to give audiences the best possible cinematic experience. Plus, the SRX-R515 projectors are a great solution to offer 4K quality images.”