Sophisticated device integration to boost pico projector market

The pico projector market is set to be boosted by increasingly sophisticated device integration in the next few years.

According to the new Global Pico Projector Market Report, one area set to see growth in the near future is mobile handsets that are integrated with pico projectors.

It was noted in the study that the inclusion of pico projectors in mobile phones shows "a promise of emerging as the application with the highest potential".

The main advantage of pico projectors is their size and this is helping to fuel the rise of this portable technology.

Pico projectors tend to be small enough to fit into a pocket, which makes them ideal for a business professional who wants to load up their presentation on the go.

The report pointed out that pico projectors are also one of the most cost-effective options in the whole industry, with their affordable nature opening up a new target audience to the market.

Pico projectors are currently considered as “low-lumen” devices and they are not as powerful as larger devices, but advances in technology mean they will soon be able to generate larger, brighter and better images.

"By decoupling image size from device size, these projectors enable crisp, large images to be projected on a surface, and can be shared with others," the report said. "In this age of social media, sharing holds an important place."

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