The new range from Sony has been much anticipated by hardcore gamers and home cinema enthusiasts. As part of a truly impressive batch of new native 4K projector models, the all-new VW570ES stands strong as the ultimate high-end home cinema projector for those in the market for uncompromised image quality.

Building on the success of popular models such as the VW360ES and VW550ES, the VW570ES goes one step further in bringing together Sony’s industry leading technology for the consumer market.

Only Sony…

Sony has an unrivalled experience in the cinema market and maximising the hardware technology of their projectors with some awesome internal processing abilities, bringing their machines to the next level.

Like other models in the range, the VW570 comes with exclusive reality creation technology that analyses images down to the individual pixel. Also, each projector comes with 4K motion flow, ensuring all fast-moving media, from sports games to video shooters, is covered with fluid precision.

Performance first

Taking a look at the VW570ES’s impressive features, your attention will probably be drawn to the impressive 1,800 lumens brightness, which is fairly bright for a dedicated high-end home cinema projector. But more importantly, buyers can enjoy truly stunning images with full HDMI 18GB per second compatibility, native 4K SXRD panels and 350,000:1 dynamic contrast. This is a system designed to minimise any potential loss of image quality at every stage.

Whether you’re in the market for immersive gameplay experiences, or if you want to screen a film exactly as the director intended it the VW570ES is a product worth paying attention to.

The projector also comes loaded with advanced iris technology for an increased dynamic contrast and Picture Position Memory for quick format flexibility.

The result

While all the models in the new Sony range come with distinctive styling and all of the inputs you’d expect, the overriding factor for any serious home cinema projector enthusiast is the image quality. If we’re talking about precision, sharpness, colour accuracy and realism, the VW570ES naturally has an edge over non-native 4K models.

Making the investment

As the next level above the VW270ES in Sony’s new home cinema range, the VW570ES is set to retail at around £8,000 when it’s released in October. You might be asking yourself whether it’s worth the added cost compared to other products catering to this market.

Put simply, the Sony VW570ES is not for the faint-hearted of wallet or for the mainstream. But for those serious enthusiasts who pride themselves on having the latest and greatest, this is for you. You don’t mess around when it comes to image quality, and desire the highest standard of seamless projection, this is the machine that’s worth pushing the boat out for.