Sony unveils new laser projector range at ISE 2016 Sony unveils new laser projector range at ISE 2016

Technology leader Sony has launched a new range of laser light source projectors at this year's Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) event in Amsterdam.

Offering WXGA resolution and up to 6,000 lumens of brightness, the VPL-FHZ65 and the VPL-FHZ60 laser projectors are the latest addition to the Sony laser portfolio, expanding a collection that ranges between WXGA and 4K resolution,

Sony's new laser offerings have been marketed by the brand as commercial projectors, ideal for education, corporate and large venues. Each of the devices features the company's BrightEra panel technology, enabling them to produce natural and vivid colours in almost any setting.

According to Sony, the new laser line-up will strengthen the brand's commitment to a dual strategy, which will see the manufacturer continue to offer lamp-based versions of its installation 3LCD laser projectors to ensure users can choose from the best of both worlds.

“Today we’re excited to introduce our latest installation projectors for the higher education and corporate markets," said Robert Meakin, product manager for Business Projectors at Sony Europe, Professional Solutions.

Commenting on the company's goals moving forward, he added: "While Sony is the laser projection market leader, conversations with our customers emphasise that lamp technology is still equally important. We’ll continue to support both technologies through our dual laser and lamp strategy – where we introduce a laser based projector, we will also offer a lamp version."

However, Sony insists that their new laser range marks the start of instant and maintenance free projector use, providing around 20,000 hours of operation with no need for lamp warm up or replacement.

In fact, each of the new laser projectors feature a range of energy-saving options including Auto Dimming and Auto Brightness to reduce the overall lifetime ownership costs when compared with traditional lamp-based counterparts.