The Thurso Cinema – the UK's most northerly full-time cinema – has signed a new deal with Sony Digital Cinema that will equip it with state-of-the-art digital projection equipment. The new equipment will allow it to offer new services beyond traditional content.

Industry website,, has reported that the cinema, which is located on the north coast of Scotland, will now be able to use the projectors to host and enhance events such as comedy, sports, music, theatre, opera, multi-user big screen gaming and cultural events.

The managing director of the Thurso Cinema, Rob Arthur, said that the introduction of digital projection equipment at the cinema will make a huge contribution to the local community.

"Bringing digital cinema to Caithness is a big deal as we can now offer a range of entertainment content that appeals to a broader audience and ensures that the cinema is in use all day every day throughout the year," he explained. "We are very excited about the installation of the Sony 4K digital projector system at The Thurso Cinema as our customers will be getting the very best cinema experience and can now enjoy the content with crystal clear picture quality and sound."

The cinema is to take delivery of two Sony SRX-R515 4K cinema projectors, which are due to be installed at the end of this month.