Sony has announced an October release date for its new pocket-sized laser projector.

Sony's MPCL1 projector boasts some impressive traits, including a high-resolution of 1920 x 720 - considerably higher than the average 800 x 480 of most pocket projectors.

But the most remarkable feature is the MPCL1's ability to automatically focus itself regardless of the type of surface. This means that the projector is not reliant on a flat surface to give exceptional image quality.

The focus technology also means users only have to move this projector closer or farther from a wall to adjust the image size without having to worry about focus controls. According to Sony, the MPCL1 will project a sharp 40-inch diagonal image from four feet away and will give a 120-inch picture from 12 feet away.

The brightness of the displayed image is seemingly quite low at 32 Lumens, with an 80,000:1 contrast ratio and wide colour gamut. However, as the human eye perceives light from lasers as being brighter than other light sources, the image will appear to be far brighter than the specifications suggest.

Sony's release of the pico projector highlights a move towards Hi Definition portable projectors. Commenting on the release of Sony's newest and smallest projector, Wired Magazine said the MPCL1 is a "glimpse at the near-term future, when mobile devices are likely to have their own built-in projectors".