An advanced set-up of Sony 4K projectors enabled a record-breaking 3D screening of the new Men in Black III this week.

The screening, held at Berlin’s O2 World venue, broke the record for the biggest audience of a 3D screening, with 6,819 people in total watching the German premier of the highly anticipated film.

The image created by the four Sony 4K SRX-R320 projectors was more than four times the resolution of traditional 2K digital cinema projection systems. It was projected onto a 25.9 metre by 14 metre screen, with a level of brightness that far exceeded industry standards.

David McIntosh, from Sony Digital Cinema, said they had been delighted to play such a crucial role in the record attempt and the delivery of “a truly innovative cinematic evening”.

“Offering an immersive visual experience to the Men in Black III premiere attendees, Sony’s unique digital cinema projection system provided spectacular detail with ‘easy on the eye 3D’, even on a screen as large as 25.9 metres,” he said.

The premier was attended by the two stars of the film, Will Smith and Josh Brolin, as well as the director of all three of the films in the successful franchise, Barry Sonnenfeld.