Cumulative shipments of Sony’s digital projection system broke a new record last month, with the number of units shipped hitting the 10,000 mark.

Sony first introduced the digital cinema system capable of projecting ultra-high resolution “4K” images with 8.8 million pixels in 2007. The projection system is based on a unique ultra-high resolution LCD component device known as “4K SXRD” (Silicon X-tal Reflective Display).

The system includes a projector so that the image can be displayed, a server which stores content, and a media block which is responsible for reproducing content. Sony is the only company that sells these three key components in an integrated projection system.

The system is also the world’s first to comply with the Digital Cinema Initiative’s (DCI) specification. DCI is a joint venture between the six most influential Hollywood studios. Sony’s system has been adopted by a number of major cinema chains in the US, Europe, Japan and South Korea.

A spokesperson for Sony said, “Sony will continue to support the digitalisation of theatres in terms of both software and hardware so that moviegoers are not only entertained, but also emotionally moved in new ways as Sony continues to enhance and redefine the excitement of the movie theatre experience.”