Sony Electronics has shipped more than 15,000 of its 4K projection systems worldwide, according new sales figures, making it the dominant force in global 4K digital cinema.

Screen Digest has said that the Japanese electronics giant now has a 32 per cent market share of projection equipment at US digital cinema screens, with more than 11,000 deployed in the US so far.

The projectors are just a part of Sony’s impressive 4K content creation and displaying technology. Its popular 4K cameras – the F55, F65 and F5 cameras – are now used to show films, television series, commercials and music videos.

Gary Johns, from Sony’s Digital Cinema Solutions group, said that the brand is leading the way with 4K content.

“Movie-makers now have access to a full 4K production workflow, 4K content is now more widely available, and exhibitors have more 4K programming options,” he explained. “The ultimate in image quality, which 4K represents, is now a reality in the entertainment business. We’re proud to offer our customers a complete 4K solution.”

He added that their technology was steadily being rolled out more and more across the world. Johns stated, “Many are customers who embraced our 4K technology from the very beginning and are now rolling it out to new locations. Others are newly realising the benefits of Sony 4K.”