Sony has launched a new projector that saves notes and highlights scribbled onto projected images with special infrared friends.

The new VPL-SW535C projector comes equipped with two battery-powered pens that allow the projector to track what is being written on the screen and then save it on to the projected images.

The pens can also be used as a computer mouse to control screens and make commands and are being touted as a huge development in technology for classrooms and educational presentations. Sony said that the alterations made to images during sessions can be stored up and used again in future lessons. In business settings the projector can be used as a virtual whiteboard, allowing for meeting notes to be saved directly onto a computer.

The new projector is due to go on sale in Japan, Europe and the US next month, targeted at academic institutions and smaller business settings.

The projector has 3,000 lumens of brightness – bright enough to be used in normal lighting – and has a bulb with a lifespan of around 6,000 hours. The VPL-SW535C can throw an image of up to 70 inches when mounted just 11 centimetres away. It also has HDMI and standard video inputs.