Sony launches new portable short throw projector
Projector giant Sony has announced the launch of a brand new laser diode short throw projector, capable of projecting an 80-inch display in almost any environment.

The new portable LSX-P1 projector is part of Sony's Life Space UX line, developed specifically to transform any space within any home into a visual experience at the touch of a button.

Measuring just five inches by three inches and weighing only two pounds, this handy device makes it easy for any home owner to adapt their space as and when they need to, creating a fully immersive experience in seconds with little set up time.

As part of the Life Space series, this portable projector has the capability to create almost any visual display, from an at-home cinema or a presentation in a busy cafe. Sony has even suggested that the LSX-P1 is the ideal modern alternative to painted fake windows or a fake fireplace for those hoping to add a touch of finesse to their home.

The launch of the LSX-P1 comes just a few months after Sony unveiled their latest line of specialist home theatre projectors, which have been specifically designed to project high-end images around the home.

Although lacking the portability of its brand new counterpart, the VPL-W5000ES projector has been developed using the latest 4K technology to create 5,000 lumens of colour light output for a fully immersive home cinema experience.

For those seeking a projector that's more versatile in its projection than its installation, the VPL-W5000ES delivers home theatre enthusiasts the option to calibrate their device to suit their needs, and the needs of their home.

Andre Floyd, product manager for projectors at Sony Electronics Inc, added: "By improving brightness, contrast and lamp life, and providing great calibration tools, we deliver users out-of-the-box optimised picture quality while enabling installation experts to tweak the image to meet the needs of a particular environment or a viewer's taste."