Last week's IFA conference in Berlin saw tech giant Sony reveal the latest in a long line of ground breaking projector technology with the launch of three new 4K home cinema projectors.

Included in those three was the VW260ES, Sony's first entry level projector to feature stunning 4K resolution definition.

4K technology

The VW260ES continues a trend for Sony. Having been the first manufacturer to develop 4K for home cinema use, the tech giant is now bringing stunning 4K resolution to the economy market, breaking yet more boundaries.

Featuring almost 9 million pixels per frame, this ultra-high definition tech has been seen in cinemas since the turn of the millennium, but more recently it’s become common in home cinema installations too. Now, with big names like Amazon and Netflix delivering more and more 4K content, this enhanced viewing experience is quickly becoming a must-have.

The Sony VW260ES

Sony’s new model features a range of innovations which, combined with its premium SXRD projection technology, deliver one of the best home cinema projectors on the market – entry level or not.

So, what does it offer?

  • 1,500 lumens illuminate these crisp 4K images, offering strong levels of contrast, and a bright, versatile picture that will maintain its sharp detail even in areas with some ambient light.
  • The model also features TRILUMINOS colour and Reality Creation technology, which together enhance the vividness of more pared-back colours, and the crispness of the overall image.
  • The powerful zoom lens increases the versatility of the projector itself, meaning it's easy and flexible to set up in various parts of your home, including mounted on high ceilings, and variety of different shelves and surfaces. The compact practical design makes it efficient and discreet.
  • The projector also features a durable, high-tech lamp, which can last up to 6,000 hours without being replaced, perfect for a low maintenance viewing experience.

The VW260ES also comes with a three-year collect, repair and return policy, so you can be safe in the knowledge that this premium product is a firm investment.

In addition to supporting 4K native resolution, the new VW260ES  projectors also feature Reality Creation, an exclusive Super Resolution upscaler. It dramatically enhances high
definition 1080p content, so you’ll get the most from your existing Blu-ray Disc™ libraries at home. For greater versatility, it can also display Full HD, 3D and even 4K upscaling of 3D movies.


The projector is compatible with HDMI and USB devices, meaning it can be easily connected to your existing technology. It also connects to online media like Netflix and Amazon Prime, as well as broadcast television, ensuring that it slots neatly and efficiently into your life.

Though premiered only days ago, we’ve managed to get our hands on this latest piece of technology from Sony and it’s available to purchase immediately.

This top of the range, high spec home cinema projector with genuine 4K resolution is available to buy for £5,198.00.

Projectorpoint are one of the first stockists of the new VW260ES. Take a look and get your order in here, or give us a call if you’d like to find out more.