Sony's line of 'F' series projectors has been boosted with the launch of two new WUXGA projectors designed for use in fixed installation venues, such as boardrooms, showrooms and auditoriums.

The VPL-FH30 and VPL-FH500L are based on the Japanese brand's 3LCD Bright Era technology, and provide brightness of up to 7,000 lumens, at 1920x1200 resolution - making them slightly higher than full HD.

The two devices are capable of horizontal and vertical shift of up to 63 per cent and 113 per cent respectively, which eliminates having to tilt the projector and risk lessening the quality of the image resolution.

The VPL-FH500L is equipped with a twin lamp system, providing the projector with an instant back-up should the primary lamp malfunction. This provides for applications such as continuous public displays or university lecture halls, where any disruption cannot be allowed for.

The quad filter system that features on both models means that a single airflow system prevents nearly all common dust particles from getting into the projector. The filters have lifespans of 15,000 hours on the VPL-FH30 and 8,000 hours on the VPL-FH500.

Proving their professional credentials, the projectors are even equipped with the capabilities that allow for expert viewing and displaying of medical images such as Z-rays, CT and MRI scans, due to their Grayscale Standard Display Function.