Sony introduces 4K ultra short throw projector

Sony has unveiled their new 4K ultra short throw projector during their keynote address at the recent CES 2014 conference.

The projector, which is placed at the base of a wall, produces images of up to 147in across in 4K definition on any clear wall space.

Dubbed Life Space UX by Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai, the new device has been designed to enable users to break free from traditional screens and create an "atmospheric experience" in their home.

Speaking at the keynote, Mr Hirai said: "This state of the art device can be placed anywhere in the home, turning the environment into a dynamic living space."

Features of the new projector have not yet been revealed, but they are expected to include internal speakers and storage space for external devices.

Mr Hirai has confirmed, however, than the ultra short-form projector will be one of many new devices that will be introduced as part of the Life Space UX concept, which may also include a ceiling-mounted projector system with depth-recognition cameras to enable touch-screen dining tables.

The price for the new device has not yet been revealed, but it should arrive in the US during the summer.

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