Sony has launched three brand new home cinema systems that combine 3D viewing with impeccable surround sound quality, without filling your living room with bulky hardware.

The HT-AS5, HT-AF5 and BDV-470SS employ the best of the Japanese electronics giant's technology to make the viewing experience as close to professional cinema standard as possible. This includes the Digital Cinema Sound processing – developed in conjunction with Sony Pictures Entertainment – which works with the Auto Calibration to give the most accurate, most involving home cinema experience.

The systems can all be hooked up simply to a projector system or plasma TV for optimum viewing

The ultra-compact, four-speaker standard set-up of the HT-AS5 hides away its 1000W S-Master amplification in its subwoofer unit, which also contains all the audio processing and an FM RDS/AM radio tuner. The set-up is furthered in the HT-AF5 with tall, floor-standing front left and right channel speakers for and even bigger sound.

The BDV-470SS system then combines the HT-AS5 with the BDP-S470 3D Blu-ray player, making a complete ‘just add TV’ package.

The three systems also all possess 3D pass-through on 3 HDMI inputs and 1 output,
2 optical/1 coaxial digital input for games consoles or set-top boxes. Other specifications include 1000W output power from S-Master digital amplification and
7.1-channel LPCM from Blu-ray players