A new range of camcorders from Sony will feature the first model from a major manufacturer to come equipped with a built-in micro projector.

The HDR-PJ50V is one of a new range of high definition 3D video capture models, and will offer all the optimum capabilities expected of modern consumer video cameras, while also being able to project captured or stored content in images up to 60 inches in size.

Launching in April, the model will have the projector built in to a 3-inch LCD screen that will be mounted on a viewing arm that will pull out and rotate.

While the camera will be able to capture images of 1080p at 60 or 24 fps, the projector will be able to take those images and throw them on to any suitable viewing surface for easy viewing and sharing.

The HDR-PJ50V features in a new range of the leading Japanese brand's trademarked Handycam devices. It will also have a 12x optical zoom and have GPS for geotagging. It will come in two different models: a premium model with a 220GB hard drive and an affordable model that makes use of a smaller 64GB Flash memory.