Sony and Sumitomo Electric Device Innovations USA (SEDU) have unveiled new projector technology that will dramatically enhance the brightness levels needed for modern projectors.

The two companies have been working on a green semiconductor laser diode that is able to produce 100mW of power at 530nm. This would be sufficient for many projector applications, ranging from advanced laser projectors with high luminosity and broad colour gamut to compact, light, energy-efficient laser projectors.

The technology was developed through the use of Sony’s gallium nitride (GaN) laser technology – which was originally developed for Blu-ray – and combining it with Sumitomo's semi-polar GaN substrate, crystal growth and wafer processing technologies.

A joint statement from the companies said that the increased capabilities will provide major improvements to modern projectors.

“The new laser diode features twice the luminosity compared with conventional GaN green laser diodes, and a colour gamut broadened by 182 percent, based on the NTSC standard,” the statement said. “As a result, these significantly improve the performance of laser projectors and other display devices to reproduce vibrant video and images.”

The companies added that the there has been demand for such technology for a long time, but the only means of generating green laser light had been through the use of a large and expensive light source.