If there’s one thing that we’ve learnt from lockdown, it’s the fact that having good entertainment at your fingertips matters more than ever before.

Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney+ have been adjusting to this new reality, catering to consumers with increasing volumes of TV and films to watch on demand.

As studios look to the power of streaming to get their films out during lockdown and regular sporting fixtures take place behind closed doors, we’ve all had to adapt.

But how to enjoy all this new content and still get that cinema vibe when we’re stuck at home?

The cinema has taken a back seat for the time being, but Sony has the answer with the new VW590ES and VW790ES projectors.

Lockdown has blurred the worlds of home and cinema. But with these new models, it’s never been easier to get a slice of that blockbuster feel at home.

We don’t know what the future has in store, and this current state of affairs could persist for some time. Don’t get frozen out of all the hours of content to be had. Consider what Sony has to offer, as part of their latest round of home entertainment systems for 2020.


Sony keep raising the bar…

The Sony VW270ES continues to show strong demand and remains available to those wanting the best-value, native 4K experience on the market, but if you want to step it up – we’ve got good news for you!

The VW570 and the VW760 have been superseded by the VW590ES and the VW790ES respectively. Sony is determined to keep raising the bar on what is possible in terms of picture quality for its projectors, and the new native 4K releases for 2020 certainly don’t disappoint.


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The VW590ES is the additional 300 lumens in brightness relative to the VW570, taking it to 1,800 in total. In addition, it incorporates dynamic HDR capabilities and a range of lens memory positions to suit aspect ratios for whatever you plan to watch, whenever you watch it.

What we particularly love about this feature is its ability to remember aspect ratios, which comes in handy if you plan to binge-watch content, jumping from a low-budget TV drama to a high-octane blockbuster.

The VW790ES goes a step further, with 2,000 lumens brightness, while implementing something it shares with the VW590ES; Sony’s game-changing X1 processor.

Here are the quick-look specs:

Sony VW590ES

Price: £6,990 (incl. VAT)

·         1,800 ANSI lumens

·         4096 x 2160 (4K) resolution

·         350,000:1 contrast ratio

·         3 years’ collect, repair and return warranty

Native 4K model with a special offer exclusively with Sony. By registering your VW590ES with Sony within 60 days of purchase, you can upgrade your warranty to Sony’s Elite service. This includes perks such as having all logistics of repair covered, plus a loan unit provided during the duration of repair at no extra cost.

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Sony VW790ES

Price: £11,999 (incl. VAT)

·         2,000 ANSI lumens

·         4096 x 2160 (4K) resolution

·         3 years’ collect, repair return warranty

·         All-glass optics

This is one of the best projectors we’ve had the privilege of watching. The picture quality is next level with 2,000 lumens brightness and Native 4K resolution. As with the VW590ES, this model comes with an exclusive offer from Sony, allowing easy repair plus a loaned unit available during repair for no additional cost.

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The X1 – a step in a new direction

The X1 processor really changes how Sony home cinema systems are going to function from 2020 onwards. This awesome processor chipset – exclusive to Sony – is found in both the VW590ES and VW790ES models, adding extra brainpower to your projector.

We’re not exaggerating when we say this is the future of home cinema entertainment. Offering data processing at a prodigious rate, the X1 displays video content with crystal-clear quality in real-time. This means catching all those goals or seeing every grain of detail in your favourite film or show.

No more jagged edges or having to guess at what’s filling your screen. The X1 makes sure you see everything even beyond what was originally envisaged. Sony’s spent a decade developing the X1 to achieve these results, and it’s paid off.

But how does the chip really change your viewing experience?

Even more immersive experiences

The X1 chip makes the home cinema experience more immersive than you could possibly imagine. While the cinema remains out of reach for now, with this technology, you can now recline in the comfort of your own home and get a piece of the action without compromising on picture quality. No queues, or waiting for the show to begin – the fun starts now.

The X1 chip takes each and every frame, expanding the colour palette to produce striking images without losing integrity. Darker colours become richer in tone, while brighter tones can be observed with noticeably greater luminosity. HDR enhancement works in perfect harmony with iris technology in the projector lens to deliver crisp images.

A viewing experience using the new VW590ES or VW790ES evokes a sense of hyper-realism with each and every frame, transporting you from your living room to a whole new world entirely.


Heightened clarity

The Digital Focus Optimiser is a yet another innovation with Sony’s latest models for 2020, taking clarity to new heights.

Sony has an exclusive advantage when it comes to optimising resolution with 4K home cinema projectors.

They don’t only produce great projectors. They also produce some of the most acclaimed movies of our time. From conception to recording, and distribution to viewing; no other projector manufacturer has this level of insight.

The new models are designed to match the standards of the latest movies you could see at the cinema – if you had the opportunity to visit. The X1 achieves optimum focus not just optically but digitally too. It does so, using algorithms to analyse every pixel of the image and detect possible degradation from the lens in advance. The chip is so smart that it can identify hundreds of objects and their resolution individually and enhance them, to give a picture of exceptional accuracy and detail.

Even fringe detail in the corners of images will be clearer, such is the attention to detail given by Sony. Each pixel of information beamed onto your screen is enhanced to show each granular piece of detail that can be drawn from any given image of 4K content.

That brings us onto the all-important matter of resolution. Sony’s VW590ES and VW790ES are Native 4K models. Native 4K resolution is considered the gold standard by the cinema and video production industry, so going for a model in this range is ideal, if you want to squeeze as much clarity out of your picture as possible.

The latest in Sony home projector technology can even breathe life into those old Blu-rays or DVDs you have lying around. No more SD or run-of-the-mill high-definition. Sony’s latest models can upscale them to the new 4K standard or as close as possible. The algorithms used by the X1 use pattern-matching to enhance resolution on specific elements of the picture, no matter what the content is that you’re watching.

Texture has never been more clear-cut and Sony has truly pulled something out of the bag, producing images that are crisper without increasing image noise.


Improved functionality

When you sit down for that special home cinema experience in 2020, you shouldn’t have to put up with wasted minutes of set-up time before the show begins. If it’s a sporting event you want to catch live, every second will matter. If you’re hosting a movie night with friends over, you don’t want to be fiddling with settings.

The lenses on Sony’s new devices have got you covered. Each one remembers lens positions for different types of content. Aspect ratios can be stored in the projector’s memory, so it will know what you’re trying to watch and adjust accordingly, with nothing cropped out.

This is a particular selling point for Sony, as film and TV are often produced in a variety of aspect ratios, which can make it tricky to get picture quality and size on point.

Finally, let’s not forget the advantages of choosing a laser-powered home cinema projector.

The VW590ES operates from a traditional lam system as a light source but the VW790ES has a laser light source, which boosts its longevity. This means less money spent in the long run on maintenance, and greater precision, as the laser light source is better-suited to unlocking the potential of the X1 chip.


A wise investment for 2020 and beyond

The price points for the VW590ES and the VW790ES are undeniably higher than many models, but they really are worth every penny when you consider the great leaps and bounds that Sony took in making them. Consider them a worthwhile investment in a climate where trips to the cinema are under threat.

Movie buffs and techies have come to expect higher-quality pictures, and the creators of the latest models have truly stepped up to the challenge. And Sony is in the lead.

This company knows better than anyone the differing picture formats that film makers are using and which colour ranges and image quality will suit the latest releases. As a company with its fingers in many pies – from camera manufacture to full-on studio direction – its insider knowledge has helped produce new models that stand shoulders above the nearest competition.

Due to COVID-19 and the ongoing restrictions on movement, your next “normal” trip to the cinema might be more of a pipedream for now. But don’t let the outside world intrude on your capacity for having a fun time with your family or your mates. Unmissable viewing experiences can still be had. You just need the right projector.

With the innovative X1 chip now integrated into home projector systems, the technology exists to bring the cinema into your living room.

No other projector on the market offers Native 4K images with the computing power of the X1 chip. Sony are really raising the game in this field.

If you demand the best from your technology – and let’s face it, it’s home entertainment tech is more important than ever – then one of these two devices could well be a worthwhile addition to your home cinema system.

Book a demonstration of the new VW590ES and the VW790ES today and see the difference for yourself.