Sony is preparing to launch its innovative Xperia Projector, a new product that’s been described as “basically an Android phone, minus the part where you make cellular calls”.

The new piece of equipment beams video straight on to a table, wall or other flat surface and users can interact with the images thanks to an infrared sensor. The sensor turns the image into a ‘virtual screen’, where users can tap in and type, just like regular touch screen technology.

The Xperia Projector’s interactive screen capabilities are available up to 23 inches. The projector can be used as view only equipment at up to 80 inches.

In addition to its projection capabilities and innovative touch screen technology, the projector also allows users to browse online, carry out video chats and play digital games. It beams films onto the wall and also live streams movies and music.

The small size of the new projector and ease of setting up means it’s a good choice as a portable gadget for work presentations. It’s also expected to prove popular as a means of sharing videos among friends in a social setting.