A new smart phone projector with its own in-built battery pack is about to the hit the European market.

MobileCinemai55 has been developed as an accessory for the iPhone5 by personal projector company Aiptek. The double battery pack is designed to prevent the projector using all the power in the phone, giving the phone the same time between charging as the user would normally expect. The 3000mAh battery pack will provide enough power for projections of up to 120 minutes.

The equipment, which fits into a smart phone case, features a Lightning-compatible projector able to show videos
and images up to 60 inches in size. The accessory has an HDMI input port and is compatible with other Apple iDevices currently available, including the iPad Mini. Non-Lightning devices can be connected via USB and micro USB ports.

Aiptek boasts that the MobileCinemai55 system will provide users with twice the brightness of other smart phone projectors that are currently available. It features a 50 ANSI lumens with a 640 x 480 pixels resolution and has a manual focus function plus built-in speakers.

The new projector accessory will initially be launched in Europe before it is introduced to the US market.