Home cinema fans will now be able to call up Sky's exemplary HD line-up whenever they want, after the broadcaster unveiled its first venture into the on-demand market.

Sky this week demonstrated its Sky Anytime Plus service, which finally provides downloadable digibox content. It is an act of catching up by the leading TV provider which, while excelling in its HD content, has so far lacked an on-demand content delivery service.

The provision will allow more than 500 movies and hundreds of hours of programmes to be made available to Sky HD viewers through its EPG via an OTA firmware update later this year.

Sky TV service head Kathryn Downward said, "There will be over 1,000 hours of entertainment. All movie houses are expected to be on board and we are talking to the British terrestrial channels as well."

Sky HD subscribers will be able to take advantage of the development through a Sky broadband connection, but they are looking to enable it through other broadband providers in the near future.

It is part of the latest in home cinema technology, which is giving people the technology and content to virtually replicate cinema screen quality in their own homes, via large screen TVs or projectors.