The new Nero projector series is set to be launched by SIM2 at the CEDIA Expo event as part of the company's 15th anniversary celebrations.

The premium level projectors are based on a single-chip DLP format and boast an “incredibly flexible platform”, according to their designers.

Consumers will be able to pick from four different feature sets depending on what they're looking for in their gadget. Some of the devices come with the option of 3D projection, while others focus on high brightness or high contrast levels.

However, all of the projectors come with precision glass optics from the Alphapath light engine, which delivers excellent levels of clarity and colour accuracy through the latest DLP chipset and electronics platform. Customers can choose between three high quality glass lenses, which come with different throw ratios depending on how high up the line you go.

Alberto Fabiano, executive vice-president of SIM2 USA, commented: “We have 15 new models at CEDIA EXPO 2011. All are expected to cause a sensation when they are unveiled.

“Our NERO line will be one of the star attractions for visitors to the show. There is nothing like it on the market, making it a truly innovative projector series.”