SIM2 has unveiled the latest addition to its range of super high-end projection equipment.

The Grand Cinema TEATRO 80 is claimed to be the highest brightness digital DLP projector available, using three 0.95-inch DarkChip4™ DMDs to generate a picture resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Its renewed optical system, combined with the pioneering SIM2 dual-lamp system, means that the model provides a contrast ratio of more than 7,000:1. Its brightness of 4,500 Ansi Lumens allows for uncompressed HDTV images to be delivered in crystal-clarity.

The precision glass optics used throughout the TEATRO 80 give it unparalleled colour-uniformity and unsurpassed edge-to-edge focus capabilities, resulting in breathtaking on-screen images.

SIM2 offers six Super High Contrast (SHC) lens options for the TEATRO 80, ranging from fixed short-throw wide-angle (0.67:1) to long-throw (4.16-6.96:1). Also included in the sleek model are fully motorised zoom, focus, and lens shift (both vertical and horizontal) functions, while the EasyCinema calibration system software features full seven-point adjustment of Primary, Secondary and White Point. It also contains full projector setup controls, allowing minutely accurate calibration of the projector in virtually any environment.

Pricing and availability for the TEATRO 80 have not yet been disclosed, but previous SIM2 models have retailed for as much as US$80,000.