Italian high-end projector manufacturer SIM2 has released yet another model in it line of wallet-busting projectors, with its new MICO 40 model costing more than £10,000 for a basic model.

The company has made a name for itself in crafting home cinema projectors that use the finest materials and technology to create the best viewing experiences possible. Their tradition is upheld by the MICO 40, which has been said to easily justify its value through its exemplary performance.

One key point of attraction is that, despite its hefty price tag, the projector still costs only two-thirds as much as its big brother, the MICO 50, yet still possesses the same sleek good looks and enviable casing.

Its defining technological feature is the incorporation of three LED lamps, providing one each for video's red, green and blue colour components. They mean that you will not have to change a bulb for at least 30,000 hours - likely to be far beyond the projector's natural lifetie. This compares to that average lamp lifespan of 2,000 to 4,000 hours.

The use of LED also gives some impressive eco-friendly credentials, consuming less energy, offering simple starting up and shutting down procedures and eliminating the use of mercury from anywhere in the projector. The impressive luminance can also provide a 200-inch picture from the same running power as a typical 42-inch plasma TV.