SIM2 Multimedia has recently launched what it claims is its best projector yet – the Grand Cinema Super Lumis.

SIM2 says some of the key benefits of the new home projector are that it is light with a great capacity for displaying crisp, bright images.

The device offers brightness of up to 5,000 ANSI Lumens, which can be dimmed by as much as 80 per cent as needed. It features new optics and mechanical components and electronics, as well as a comprehensive connection panel.

In the most recently released issue of Home Cinema Choice, the Super Lumis projector received a five-star review, with reviewer John Archer calling the depth, colour, texture and naturalism “astonishing” and the 3D capabilities and delivery “exquisite”. He noted that the device is about the closest a home cinema user can get to cinema quality.

Alan Roser, SIM2 UK CEO, commented: “The Super Lumis is by far our best projector, and I have to say, SIM2 has received over 250 awards throughout the world in the last decade.”

He added: “We are sure that the Super Lumis will become the new benchmark for three-chip DLP-based high-end home cinema projectors in the major markets around the world, as it has done here in the UK and in the US.”