Sharp has taken the high-profile platform of the Consumer Electronics Show to launch its latest 3D-capable projector, the XV-Z30000 Front Projector.

The new model is the most up-to-date model of its standard within the Sharp range and is set to be the focal point of home theatres around the world, with its 1080p high-definition DLP capabilities.

The superior picture quality of the XV-Z30000 can largely be attributed to its DLP advantage, which manipulates light extremely effectively and allows for more of it to be sent from the lamp and on to the screen. The DLP technology has been combined with Sharp's proprietary digital image integrated circuits to limit the cross-talk and flicker that has been the bane of other 3D projectors.

The XV-Z30000 has a six-segment, 5-speed colour wheel and offers a contrast ratio of 50,000:1 when in high-contrast mode. The projector's brightness is better than average, rated at 1600 ANSI lumens.

Its centre lens and lens shift allow for very easy adjustment, while the wide-range horizontal and vertical lens shift function allows for flexible installation. The motorised lens shift function means that the selection of the setting position is simple and easily manageable.