Colorado’s OpenStage Theatre & Co. have given Shakespeare a whole new look – all thanks to animated projections.

Their performance of Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ relies on digital technology to create a ship, a storm-scape and an island backdrop quickly, easily and with no mess.

Price Johnston, projection designer for the show, told the “I jumped at the fact that it was ‘The Tempest'”. He said that the fantasy tale works perfectly with the magic of digital projection.

Running until 26 April at Lincoln Center’s Magnolia Theatre, the play makes use of a single set and a series of digital projections to create a number of different backdrops.

“It’s a great approach for design because it allows you to be as imaginative as you want. You can push the bounds of what is the norm on stage even further. You can get away with crazy video and moving backdrops”, he said.

Mr Johnson confirmed that projection is the way that theatre is going. “With an audience that’s trained in a world that’s digital... it’s not such a big change to see it on stage”, he said.