A projector designed to be used with an iPhone has been launched by Texas Instruments and Brookstone.

The iPhone Pocket Projector has been made slim enough to fit within a cover for the phone itself and allows users to display their phone's content on a 50-inch diagonal screen to share videos and pictures with friends.

But this is not the first projector to take advantage of a cover for the smartphone. Earlier this year, Japanese accessory maker Century developed the Monolith case, which hides a projector and a battery pack inside the case to provide a level of protection for the smartphone while making it easy to carry a projector with you.

The Texas Instruments device offers a resolution of 640x360 and is powered by a 15 lumen projector lamp. The resolution is the same as the Japanese model, although its lighting outstrips the 12 lumens provided by the Century device.

However, with both gadgets offering relatively low light strength, they are both advisable for use in a dark environment.

They also both benefit from a rechargeable battery pack, meaning that neither will drain the battery on the iPhone itself.