Second generation HIGHlite projector to be unveiled at ISE 2016 Second generation HIGHlite projector to be unveiled at ISE 2016

Digital Projection is set to unveil its second generation HIGHlite Laser projector at ISE 2016 as part of its innovative and industry-leading new projection technology collection.

The HIGHlite Laser II features a range of improvements compared to its predecessor, including 13,000 lumens of brightness and 120Hz of video processing, which creates flawless viewing in any environment.

Developed specifically for use in professional venues, the Laser II also maintains 20,000 hours of illumination without losing quality or speed, making it one of the leading devices in the industry.

Alongside its other impressive features, the brand new HIGHlite Laser II projector also eliminates the need for frequent lamp replacement with the addition of a solid-state illumination system, which limits almost all costs for the industry-leading projection to the initial purchase of the device.

Competing for visitor attention at the event will be a number of brand new large venue projectors from alternative manufacturers, including the PX9710 projector from BenQ.

This innovative BenQ offering provides XGA resolution images enhanced by 7,700 lumens of brightness. However, despite its reduced brightness compared to the HIGHlite, the PX9710 also offers users the flexibility of a choice of seven lenses and two chargeable colour wheels, making it ideal for any event team seeking last minute flexibility combined with the latest technology.

Another contender amongst some of the world's latest and greatest professional projectors is the Canon XEED 4K500ST, which boasts the title of the world's smallest and lightest 4K installation projector.

Featured as part of the brand's XEED WUX projector collection, the device offers users the capability to adapt to a variety of digital signage applications, offering PC-less edge blending technology for flexibility and Marginal Focus technology to ensure the best quality on flat or curved screens.