Screen Research has launched a brand-new home cinema projector screen in the form of the E-Mask, offering a high-quality viewing background for small to medium home cinemas.

The new screen brings the adjustable masking systems, that are usually the preserve of the higher-end and large-scale screens, into a package that is much more practical for home use. The E-Mask has the same features and sophistication as the high-end screens but in a more affordable and accessible format.

In order to do this, Screen Research has turned to the experience acquired with its award winning X-Mask range, and made it their mission to allow every home cinema to be equipped with a no-compromise multi-format video projection screen. The E-Mask comes with ISF® certified screen surfaces for superior image fidelity, including truly acoustically transparent THX® certified screen surfaces.

Screen Research’s technical director, Sasha Defranceschi, said that the European-manufactured projector screens would soon be available in more than 40 countries worldwide.

“The new E-Mask […] is a typical example of our philosophy for the Supreme Line: to bring outstanding product features and quality for medium sized home theatre design,” he explained. “These products combine an amazing price point with no compromise on quality or performance. They are ideally positioned between our Reference product line - the most sophisticated products with tailor made customisation - and our Classic line, aiming to bring good quality products at a very competitive price.”