Projector screen technology specialist Screen Innovations (SI) has unveiled its latest product - a projector screen equipped with a quiet motor and tab tensioning.

SI's new Reference Motorised G3 screen, due to be released in May, comes with a Somfy motor and controls for easy integration with all systems.

Easy and quick to set up, SI's mounting brackets offer the flexibility to mount on-wall, on-ceiling, in-ceiling-top-mount and in-ceiling-side-mount, which allows for incremental adjustment both vertically and horizontally after the screen is in place.

All SI projector screens are precision-cut on computerised fabric tables, which enables precise tab placement for all screen sizes. Plus, marks found on most projection screens are reduced thanks to a new tab system.

Somfy's ILT2 technology coupled with the SI Referenced Motorised Control Board means setting limits and operating the motor takes just seconds.

Custom screen sizes are available in one inch increments and the unit comes with a 24-inch black screen drop as standard.