Science museum in Milan uses Sony projectors for new physics exhibition
A museum in Milan has chosen Sony as its projector partner to be used throughout the new exhibition it has set up. The Leonardo da Vinci National Museum of Science and Technology has created a new show called “Extreme: In search of particles” and will use Sony VPL-FHZ57 laser projectors.

The museum's technical brief that it needed a projection solution to cover an exhibition area of approximately 350 square metres was incredibly easy to install, maintain and cost effective too. The museum chose the Sony VPL-FHZ57 projectors for its image quality and ability to install a wide range of lenses which makes it suitable for museums. The projector can also be used with other projectors to create super-sized images and can be installed at a number of different angles.

The projectors were installed in different settings around the museum. One of the interactive parts of the new exhibition allows visitors to see their image, projected by the VPL-FHZ57 projectors, which is then gradually reflected before the image is redistributed to other points in space.

This is the first exhibition of its kind in Italy and is produced in collaboration between CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research and the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN). The exhibition’s aim is to let visitors experience what goes on in the laboratories of the two largest research centres in the world.

In a statement, Barbara Soresina, head of project management at the National Museum of Science and Technology, said: “To enhance this high-quality creative work with hardware, we turned to Sony as its B2B laser projectors offer the best performance but at the same time also adapt to non-standard projection spaces and requirements.

“The low management costs of laser projection also ensure that the museum can create a permanent exhibition that is low maintenance. The Sony staff were both creative and professional, and collaborated closely with the Museum designers to choose the right equipment for the installation, including the VPL-FHZ57 projector and a range of suitable lenses.”