Schneider Optics launch motorised anamorphic lens system
A new simple to use motorised anamorphic lens system has been launched by Schneider Optics.

The Kino-Slide system features a lightweight and compact mechanical design for use in home cinemas as well as for demanding screening room installations.

Kino-Slide also allows for optimum lens alignment, featuring the capability for quick and easy adjustment of displacement, including pitch, yaw and roll. The 'lens slide' motorised mechanism works to move the lens parallel to the projector and in and out of the light path.

Cine Digitar anamorphic lenses also allow the use of all pixels in a full HD 1080p projector resulting in the highest possible resolution without any black bars. These tools make it more simple to create true 2.35 aspect ratio images using anamorphic lenses.

The Kino-Slide system also features a long-range RF remote trigger in addition to an RS232 port via a RJ45 form factor for trigger command. The system also comes with controls for an On-board Reverse-Home-Position Dip Switch and On-Board Self-Cycling-Demo Mode Dip Switch.

Schneider has designed the new system for use in corporate media centres as well as home cinemas and describes the Kino-Slide as rugged and reliable.