Sanyo is claiming to have created a consumer projector with the world's shortest ever projection distance.

The electronics manufacturer has said that its DWL2500 model is capable of projecting 80-inch diagonal images from a distance of just 13 inches away, with its DXL2000 model following closely behind with a distance of just 15 inches.

The capabilities are made possible through the use of a newly developed ultra short focus mirror optical system. It makes them ideal for use in classrooms and other educational settings. When positioned slightly further away, the two models can create up to 110-inch diagonal images.

The projectors are also equipped with the Frame Sequential Display Format, a technology that rapidly alternates between left-eye and right-eye images for 3D technology and allows the viewing of 3D images when wearing the appropriate glasses.

Both models equipped with Sanyo's exclusive PJ Network Interface for wired networking, enabling the monitoring of projector functions and remote operation via a web browser.

The DWL2500 and DXL2000 are capable of long periods of maintenance-free use, with infrequent need for the replacement of the lamp. Sanyo's proprietary hybrid filter also requires infrequent changing, due to its multiple layers.