Just days after unveiling the latest in its line of large installation projectors, Sanyo has announced its next addition to its ultra short-throw range of projectors.

The PLC-WL2503 is a wide XGA short-throw 3LCD projector, that is aimed specifically at the educational and corporate presentation market, capable of projecting on to virtually any desired surface.

The projector provides 2,500 lumens of brightness with a contrast ratio of 500:1, which ensures optimum clarity and quality of picture even when throwing pictures of up to 110 inches in size from a distance of just 47 inches.

The PLC-WL2503 is also capable of a number of interactive features that do not require it to be hooked up to an interactive whiteboard and a computer. It is able to do this through its pen and pointer devices that each containing an infrared (IR) transmitter.

When the tip of either device is pressed against the screen or wall surface, it generates a signal that is detected by a camera module located on the front surface of the projector, which can then determine the relative location of the tip on the projected image for display on screen.

General Manager of Sanyo's Presentation Technologies Group, Sam Malik, said, "Our short-throw technology adds presentation flexibility by enabling portability and a wide range of image sizes, in contrast to the fixed location and size of a whiteboard."