They'd place it somewhere between "real bargain" full HD projectors and high-end models, but technology experts say Samsung's SP-A600B projector offers a "very enjoyable DLP performance" nonetheless.

Praising its "cinematic goodness, nice styling and ease of use", the gadget-analysing team at Pocket-lint conclude that the SP-A600B is "a step-up model" for anyone looking for a solid and dependable machine, though they single out the device's "lack of flexibility" and sizeable price tag as strikes against it.

"While home cinema projectors are hardly 'all the rage', if you find an affordable model you can live with [then] the prize is irresistible; huge full HD images that give games and movies a whole new feeling," they observe. "If you've already got a home cinema sound system - and a screen or big white wall - something like Samsung's entry-level SP-A600B could be just the ticket."

In addition to 1,000 ANSI Lumens and a 3,000:1 contrast ratio, the SP-A600B relies on DLP 1080p technology and a six-segment colour wheel to produce "a true rendition of black", according to the reviewers.

Though it features two HDMI ports, the projector has no manual lens shift lever, as featured in alternative machines by Epson and Optoma.